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Server: -/- web2ldap 1.3.26
Bound as: -/- User guide


Click the following links (with password included) to login to Æ-DIR demo with test accounts acting as different roles:


Other apps

Admin/auditor short cuts

Task Admin Role(s)
Search active personal user accounts without password Æ admins/auditors, Zone admins
Search expired entries still active Æ admins/auditors, Zone admins
Search on-going password resets Æ admins/auditors, Zone admins
Search access log Æ admins/auditors

Æ-DIR remote servers


Service Host Id ae-dir-demo.dmz.hv.local 1


Service Host Id

Æ-DIR configuration

Service FQDN:
Hostname: ae-dir-demo.dmz.hv.local
base DN / search root: ou=ae-dir
POSIX-UID number range: 30000..59999
POSIX-GID number range: 30000..59999